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The Successful Cover Band Playbook

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For 7 years I was a member of one of the most successful cover bands in the Mid-Atlantic region, grossing low-mid six-figures a year. This is an EXTENDED conversation between the band leader and myself about everything that goes into what made us successful.  If you have any interest in gigging - at any level - I'm confident you'll find this very helpful!

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Section 1

2Personal Honestly, Goals, And Attitude
3Gear Maintenance And Redundancies
4Know Your Musical Community
5Building A Repertoire
6To Build Or Join A Band?
7Practicing and Rehearsing
8The Audition Process (Done Correctly)
9Tracks Vs. No Tracks
10Stage Gear And Live Sound
11The Sound Guy And Sound Check

Section 2

1The Look
2The Name
3Marketing Materials
4Paying Your Dues
5Booking The First Gigs
6How Much Money???
7Pay To Play / Exposure Gigs
8Promotion, Promotion, Promotion
10Agents / Representation
12Tribute Acts / Gimmick Bands


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"Your course is really improving my musical knowledge, showing me different ways to think around the fretboard, and help me develop my own style. Thanks man!!!!"

tamarac, Florida

"Having played for 20+ years, all blues stuff, I am glad to finally learn the neck. Thanks for building a great way to learn! There is no other web site like yours! Thanks!"

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