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Level 4 - 7th Chords And The Blues

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In level 4 we will build 7th chords on our triads, begin to explore non-diatonic harmony with The Blues, and learn some new and interesting techniques to expand your playing and bring it all together. 

  • Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced
  • 16 Lessons
  • 1.5 Hrs On-Demand Video
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Section 1

1Music Theory 401 - 7th Chords
2Rhythm Guitar 401 - Major 7th Chords
3Rhythm Guitar 402 - Minor 7th Chords
4Rhythm Guitar 403 - Dominant 7th Chords
5Improvising 401 - 7th Chords
6Music Theory 402 - The Blues
7Lead 401 - Double Stops
8Lead 402 - The Blues Scale
9Tone 401 - The Wah Wah
10Improvising 402 - The Blues Scale
11Lead 403 - Country Blues Scale
12Technique 401 - Hybrid Picking
13Improvising 403 - The Country Blues Scale
14Technique 402 - Finger Tapping
15Improvising Final
16Level 4 Final Summary


134 Students taking this course

Student Recommendations

"In 2 months I’ve gotten better than I have in the past 2 years with a private instructor. No joke.”

"Your course is really improving my musical knowledge, showing me different ways to think around the fretboard, and help me develop my own style. Thanks man!!!!"

"Seriously, I have never learned so much in the past 25 years than I have in the last few months!  I love your teaching style, and enjoy learning from the other students."