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Instructed by Michael Palmisano: Award Winning GIT Graduate, Working Professional of 15+Years, 1000's of Students, And Lead Guitar Player In What's Next - Voted Best Band In Baltimore Magazine 13', 14', 15'. 


Easy to learn
Just like being in a room with a teacher

All HD videos with multiple camera angels, custom jam tracks, core lesson text, detailed fretboard diagrams, and video for each lesson.  Lessons start at total beginner!

You've Got This

It’s easy to learn when you have a clear path. Complete one lesson at a time and keep it simple. New lessons are constantly being added!

1000's of students
A real school with real people

The goal of Guitargate is to re-create the experience of attending a world class guitar school, but online. In addition to professional instruction, you will be part of a dedicated and engaged community of students. This will keep you motivated and inspire you to be the best player you can be. 

A Video Based Community
real feedback = real results

Post videos completing lessons, showcasing your original creations, or plain ol' face melting. You will receive individual instructor and student feedback. It's the next best thing to learning in-person.


  • Weslley Braga - Tamarac, FL

    Your course is really improving my musical knowledge, showing me different ways to think around the fretboard, and help me develop my own style. Thanks man!!!!

  • Bob Turitz - Eagle, CO

    Seriously, I have never learned so much in the past 25 years than I have in the last few months!  I love your teaching style, and enjoy learning from the other students.  

  • Graham Baughman - Louisville, KY

    Having played for 20+ years, all blues stuff, I am glad to finally learn the neck. Thanks for building a great way to learn! There is no other web site like yours! Thanks!



  • Jim Ferrie - Shrewsbury, England

    I've been playing guitar for 45 years and the Guitargate lessons and style of teaching is second to none. It is my most important find in my quest to learn guitar! I have never been more motivated to learn!


  • Tristan Johnson - Concord, CA

    I love the site, and it provides an excellent value. After a decade of strumming and learning a lick here and there, my playing is blossoming and I'm inspired in a way I don't think I've ever been! Thank You!

  • Erick Plascencia - Washington, D.C.

    I'm amazed at how good Guitargate is. I've learned more in one week than I have ever taught myself in the 10+ years that I've "played" the guitar!


  • Chris Reynolds - Hertford, England, UK

    I've been self taught for 12 years mostly by tabs and songs. I haven't seen theory explained in a way that makes so much sense, and I've spent many years looking!!

  • Ryan Endersby - Fredericksburg, VA

     I have improved my ability ten fold with Guitargate. I finally feel comfortable on the fretboard and having real, live, individual feedback is AMAZING!  You will learn your instrument on Guitargate!

  • David Gonzales - Jacksonville, FL

    "I cannot tell you how much it has helped me to focus on concepts instead of songs.  Every day I spend on Guitargate I feel I break through another barrier.  Thank you!"

  • Noah Engh - Hollywood, CA

    "Finally, a website that feels like you have an instructor RIGHT in front of you. Guitargate covers all the bases from your first day of playing to how to improvise in any situation."

  • JC Senatore - Blacksburg, VA

    “In 2 months I’ve gotten better than I have in the past 2 years with a private instructor. No joke.”

  • Donnie Eastman - Atlantic City, NJ

    “I’ve had lessons for years and never understood theory and modes. In five minutes on Guitargate I felt that “ah-ha” moment. Awesome.”

  • Ryan Garrison - Long Island, NY

    "Playing for people makes me nervous, but posting videos on Guitargate has really helped. I love hearing what people have to say."