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The Hybrid Picking Roadmap

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The Hybrid Picking Roadmap is designed to get you playing and thinking like a piano player. When you navigate the neck playing triads with BOTH hands, your whole neck shrinks and your voice leading choices become clear. Once you start, you'll never go back, never see the neck the same again. Hybrid picking is for every genre - so get excited!
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Section 1

1Introduction - Why Hybrid Pick?
2Holding The Pick & Rest Position
3Hybrid Chord Grabs
4Moving Bass Lines
5Essential Rolls & Triads

Section 2

1321 String Inversions
2432 String Inversions
3543 String Inversions
4654 String Inversions

Section 3

1145 Closest Moves
2Applying To Songs You Know
3Essential Double Stops
4123 Double Stops
5145 Double Stops
6Triads + Double Stops In Progressions

Section 4

1Taking Leads In String Sets
2Pedal Tones + Tremolo Picking
3Pedal Steel Bends
4Combining Licks + Chord Grabs