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The Jam Band Primer - A Grateful Dead Guitar Course (PT.1) Connecting Triads With Melodies

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This course is for all of you Dead fans, as well as those who feel stuck playing over changes. The key is to use SIMPLE melodies to connect triads and dyads.


This is part one of a series, where I'll provide a systematic way to practice this approach. 

In Parts 2 through 4 (coming soon) we'll go even further with rhythmic, harmonic, melodic, and songwriting breakdowns.  

Buckle up. This is the key (at least it was for me) to chord tone soloing!

  • 19 Lessons
  • Jam Tracks
  • 1.5hrs On-Demand HD Video
  • An Awesome Community :)

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Section 1

1Lesson 1 - Introduction
2Lesson 2 - Triads Review
3Lesson 3 - Triads Becoming Dyads
4Lesson 4 - Making Simple Major Pentatonic Melodies
5Lesson 5 - Making Simple Minor Pentatonic Melodies
6Lesson 6 - Major Melody Focus Points
7Lesson 7 - Minor Melody Focus Points

Section 2

8Lesson 8 - Connecting Progressions Formula | Major 1 to 4
9Lesson 9 - The Major 1 to 5 Progression
10Lesson 10 - The Major 5 to 4 Progression
11Lesson 11 - Minor 1 to 4 Progression
12Lesson 12 - Minor 1 to 5 Progression
13Lesson 13 - Minor 2 to 3 Progression
14Lesson 14 - 1 Minor to b7 Major Progression
15Lesson 15 - 1 Minor To V7 Progression

Section 3

16Lesson 16 - Pro Tip: The 6 Is Your 4 Chord
17Lesson 17 - Pro Tip: The 9 & 7 Are Your 5 Chord
18Lesson 18 - Chromatics & Blue Notes In Melodies
19Lesson 19 - Licks VS Melodies (It's Personal)


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"In 2 months I’ve gotten better than I have in the past 2 years with a private instructor. No joke.”

Baltimore, MD

"I've been playing guitar for 45 years and the Guitargate lessons and style of teaching is second to none. It is my most important find in my quest to learn guitar! I have never been more motivated to learn!"

"Seriously, I have never learned so much in the past 25 years than I have in the last few months!  I love your teaching style, and enjoy learning from the other students."  

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