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Blending Major/Minor Pentatonics Pt. 2

In this masterclass led by Jamie McLean, the focus is on blending major and minor pentatonic scales, a technique that enriches soloing and can distinguish a player's style. Jamie starts by discussing the importance of being familiar with both scales and their positions on the fretboard. He emphasizes how these scales can work together over specific chords, like seventh chords and straight major chords, but not over minor chords due to the clash with the major third. Throughout, Jamie aims to demystify the concept by breaking down the scales into manageable shapes and positions.

As the session progresses, Jamie provides clear, actionable advice on how to practice integrating these scales. He suggests starting with familiar minor pentatonic positions and then adding notes from the major pentatonic scale to create a richer, more varied sound. Jamie demonstrates this by playing along with a backing track, showing how shifting between these scales can offer a more lyrical and melodious soloing approach. He also touches on the use of chromatic notes and bending techniques to seamlessly navigate between major and minor tones, further enhancing the solo's expressiveness.

The masterclass concludes with Jamie encouraging participants to experiment with these concepts in their playing. He underscores the value of starting with simple, small movements between the scales and gradually expanding their use as comfort and familiarity grow. By the end of the session, viewers are equipped with a solid foundation for blending major and minor pentatonic scales, ready to explore these ideas in their musical endeavors. Jamie invites feedback and questions, promising to address more specific topics in future lessons based on participant interest.

As the Axe man for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band for years, and working with all the heavy hitters including Aaron Neville, Dr. John, Taj Mahal, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Trombone Shorty, Los Lobos, Blues Traveler, Marc Broussard, and so many more… Jamie is the PERFECT window into what it takes to thrive with the very, very best.

(IMHO, The level of musicianship in NOLA is probably the best in the country - if not the whole world.  THE RHYTHM. THE SWAGGER. THE VIBE!!)

Jamie is a spectacularly tasteful guitarist - but that’s not the whole story:  He’s an equally Incredible singer and songwriter.  As you know, I’m obsessed with understanding WHY things get stuck in your head, WHY hits are hits, and HOW rhythm, harmony, and wait for it - MELODY - work together to craft something moving and unforgettable.  Jamie is uniquely able to take us on a journey beyond the fretboard, and go deep into the craft of making great music & being an even better storyteller.

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