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Your Child's Very First Guitar Lesson | Total Beginner

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Everything is detailed at length in the free beginner's level 1 course!

Key Takeaways and things to work on for first lesson:

1. Parts of the guitar & how they work together.

2. Assigning numbers to strings and fingers.

3. Learning the names of the open strings (EADGBE) and that music contains the notes A-G (to start)

4. How to shorten a string & increase pitch by fretting a note, and common buzzing issues.

5. Practice 1234 fingers and frets on each string.

6. How to use a tuner (feel free to help your child)

7. Leave with a win - a song they can hear and repeat that's super easy. I use "Nothing Else Matters" - Metallica because it's all open strings for the intro.

Wyatt thanks you for watching!



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