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Open Lesson : Ask Me Anything

In this masterclass hosted by Michael, he opens up a dialogue with his viewers, eager to tackle two key topics. The first part of the session is dedicated to answering questions from the audience, aiming to provide personalized guidance and support for their musical journeys. Michael positions himself as a mentor ready to help untangle any complexities his viewers are facing with their music, creating an open and supportive environment for learning.

The second part of the masterclass shifts focus to the structure and future of the live streams. Michael expresses his concern that the current frequency of five streams a week might be overwhelming for the audience. He suggests a potential reduction to two streams a week, aiming to strike a balance that encourages engagement without overwhelming his viewers. He invites honest feedback on this idea, emphasizing the importance of community agreement to drive changes. Michael also discusses the possibility of incorporating pre-recorded lessons to alleviate technical issues and improve the stream's quality.

Throughout the video, Michael engages with live comments from his audience, addressing their thoughts on the stream's frequency, technical issues, and the variety of content. He explores the idea of making the sessions more interactive and possibly using Zoom to create a more classroom-like atmosphere. Michael's approachable demeanor and open-mindedness about feedback highlight his commitment to creating a valuable and enjoyable learning experience for his community. He concludes the session by reassuring his viewers of his appreciation for their participation and input, setting a collaborative tone for the future of the masterclass series.

Transcript Summary

  • Introduction and Open Questions (00:37-01:02)
    • Michael greets viewers and expresses his desire to answer questions and help viewers with their guitar struggles.
    • He sees his role as helping to untangle the complexities viewers might be experiencing with their guitar playing.
  • Discussion on Live Stream Frequency (02:00-04:12)
    • Michael acknowledges the feedback from viewers and instructors about the current frequency of live streams being overwhelming.
    • He proposes reducing the number of live streams to make them more manageable and engaging for viewers.
    • Michael invites honest feedback on this proposal to ensure it meets the community's needs.
  • Engagement and Community Feedback (05:16-07:32)
    • Discussion on the current state of viewer engagement and the challenges in maintaining an interactive community.
    • Michael notes the decrease in video submissions and live participation, seeking suggestions for improvement.
    • The idea of prerecording lessons to enhance quality and consistency is floated, with live chat for interaction.
  • Future Plans and Adjustments (08:01-08:50)
    • Michael considers adjusting the content and format of the streams, including focusing on specific courses or topics each week.
    • He expresses a desire to find the right balance of content and interaction that benefits the community.
  • Technical Challenges and Solutions (09:39-10:15)
    • Addressing the technical difficulties faced by instructors and the impact on viewer experience.
    • Exploring options for improving video quality and consistency, including potential changes to the video submission process.
  • Viewer Participation and Content Creation (10:31-11:28)
    • Encouraging viewers to participate more actively through comments or video submissions.
    • Michael shares tips for creating good quality videos for submission, emphasizing the importance of lighting and simple equipment.
  • Closing Remarks and Future Directions (11:29-14:27)
    • Michael reiterates his commitment to making adjustments based on community feedback and finding ways to enhance the learning experience.
    • He thanks viewers for their participation and invites further feedback via email to continue improving the live streams.

Michael is the one who runs this whole thing! 

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