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Michael Palmisano | Introduction To CAGED

A beginner's guide to the CAGED system and why it's so important to learn! 

This masterclass with guitarist Michael provides an introduction to the CAGED system for navigating the guitar fretboard. Michael begins by welcoming students and reviewing lessons from previous instructors. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring all students have a solid understanding of fundamentals before moving forward.

The bulk of the class focuses on demonstrating the 5 basic CAGED chord/scale shapes (C, A, G, E, D) and explaining how they connect and can be moved across the fretboard. Michael also stresses proper practice techniques, recommending students spend 10 minutes daily practicing shapes and playing all notes of a key. Examples are provided to illustrate practical application of the CAGED system.

Transcript Summary

[0:00:01] Introduction

  • Welcome and introduction to CAGED system
  • Review of previous lessons by Jack and Jamie
  • Goal to ensure everyone understands fundamentals

[0:05:11] CAGED Shapes 

  • Introduction of 5 basic chord/scale shapes (C, A, G, E, D)
  • Demonstration of each shape on guitar
  • Explanation of how shapes are movable and connect

[0:28:47] Practicing Shapes

  • Importance of repetition over duration when practicing
  • Recommendation to spend 10 minutes on shapes daily
  • Example of practicing all notes of a key using shapes

Michael is the one who runs this whole thing! 

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