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Harmonized Major Scale Pt.2


In this masterclass, Michael Palmisano dives into the world of guitar playing with a focus on harmonized major scales across different string sets. He begins by showcasing a brand new PRS McCarty 594 S2 guitar, explaining its features, and sharing his initial impressions. Throughout the video, Michael emphasizes the importance of understanding and mastering triads in various inversions and string sets, highlighting how this knowledge is crucial for both rhythm and lead guitar playing. He demonstrates playing triads in the key of G, showing root positions, first inversions, and second inversions across multiple string sets.

Michael further explains how removing the middle note from first and second inversion triads can lead to the creation of double stops, which are essential for adding texture and variety to guitar parts. He emphasizes that mastering these concepts allows guitarists to navigate the fretboard more effectively and contribute more creatively to musical arrangements. Throughout the masterclass, Michael encourages viewers to practice these techniques in different keys and string sets to solidify their understanding and improve their overall guitar skills.

The masterclass also includes discussions about recording software, with Michael sharing his thoughts on simplicity and usability over complexity. He expresses a preference for tube amps over solid-state amps and pedal boards, citing the warmth and responsiveness of tube amplification as key factors in achieving great guitar tone. By the end of the video, viewers are left with a wealth of practical advice and exercises to enhance their guitar playing, as well as insights into Michael's approach to gear and tone. The masterclass is a comprehensive guide for guitarists looking to deepen their understanding of harmonized scales, triads, and effective practice methods.

Transcript Summary

  • Introduction and Guitar Showcase (00:00:02 - 00:04:20)
    • Michael welcomes viewers and introduces a new PRS guitar model, the McCarty 594 S2.
    • He shares his initial impressions of the guitar, highlighting its design and features.
    • Discusses the price point and mentions his relationship with PRS, emphasizing he doesn't make money from showcasing their guitars.
  • Discussion on Guitar Preferences (00:04:21 - 00:20:00)
    • Michael compares the new PRS model with his regular 594, discussing build quality, sound, and playability.
    • He responds to viewer comments about guitar preferences and setups.
    • Talks about the importance of guitar feel and personal connection with the instrument.
  • Lesson Introduction (00:20:01 - 00:24:00)
    • Michael announces the lesson topic: harmonized major scales on different string sets.
    • He revisits the previously covered string set and introduces the next set to focus on.
    • Emphasizes the educational shift to twice-weekly lessons for better learning pace.
  • Harmonized Major Scales Lesson (00:24:01 - 00:44:00)
    • Michael demonstrates harmonized major scales on the 4, 3, 2 string set in the key of G.
    • He walks through each chord shape and inversion along the fretboard, explaining the theory behind chord construction.
    • Encourages viewers to practice these shapes to improve their fretboard knowledge and chord recognition.
  • Advanced Techniques and Tips (00:44:01 - 00:54:00)
    • Introduces the concept of "double stops" and how omitting the middle note of triads can create interesting sounds.
    • Explains how these techniques can be applied to rhythm and lead playing.
    • Shares personal insights on the importance of simplicity in gear and playing.
  • Q&A and Software Recommendations (00:54:01 - 01:00:00)
    • Michael answers viewer questions about gear, focusing on home recording software.
    • Recommends simplicity in gear choice, emphasizing the importance of focusing on playing over gear complexity.
    • Mentions considering a switch to Luna for recording, due to its simplicity and integration with UA gear.
  • Closing Remarks (01:00:01 - 01:05:48)
    • Encourages viewers to practice harmonized major scales on various string sets.
    • Emphasizes the educational value of understanding and playing triads across the fretboard.
    • Michael signs off, encouraging viewers to keep practicing and exploring their instruments.

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