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Country String Bend Applications Pt. 2

In this masterclass, Lyle Brewer delves into the intricate world of country string bend applications, building upon the foundational techniques discussed in the previous session. He kicks off the lesson by sharing a personal anecdote about how he spent Valentine's Day, setting a relaxed and engaging tone for the class. Lyle then transitions smoothly into the heart of the lesson, focusing on how to utilize country string bends to outline chords in a musical piece. He emphasizes the versatility of these techniques, demonstrating how they can be applied across various keys and chord progressions, enriching the melodic landscape of a song.

Throughout the masterclass, Lyle provides detailed instructions on executing country string bends, using clear examples to illustrate his points. He breaks down complex musical concepts into digestible chunks, making it easier for students to grasp and apply the techniques in their own playing. Whether discussing bends from the flat seven to the one or exploring the nuances of bending within the key of C major, Lyle's expertise shines through. His approachable teaching style, combined with his deep understanding of the subject matter, creates a conducive learning environment for guitarists looking to enhance their skills.

Lyle also explores the musical applications of these bending techniques through a variety of song examples, including classics like "Hotel California" and "Peg" by Steely Dan. He meticulously breaks down each example, highlighting how the bends contribute to the overall sound and feel of the songs. By linking the technical aspects of country string bends to real-world musical contexts, Lyle not only enriches the students' theoretical knowledge but also inspires them to experiment and incorporate these techniques into their own playing. The masterclass culminates in a Q&A session, where Lyle addresses students' queries, further solidifying their understanding of the topic. His passion for music and teaching is evident throughout the class, making it an invaluable resource for guitarists keen on mastering country string bend applications.

Transcript Summary

  • Introduction (00:00:04 - 00:02:05)
    • Lyle welcomes viewers to the stream.
    • He shares a personal anecdote about spending Valentine's Day with his wife.
    • Expresses gratitude towards the audience for joining the stream.
  • Country String Bending Techniques Part 2 (00:02:05 - 00:06:55)
    • Lyle introduces the topic of the day: country string bending applications, Part 2.
    • He revisits the concept of outlining chords using standard country string bends.
    • Discusses the use of bends in different keys and chord progressions within the key of C major.
  • Application of Bends in Different Musical Contexts (00:06:55 - 00:15:25)
    • Lyle demonstrates how to apply string bending techniques to both major and minor keys.
    • Uses examples to show how bends can be adapted to fit various chord progressions.
    • Explains the theory behind bending from one note to another within the context of a chord progression.
  • Analysis of Famous Guitar Solos (00:15:25 - 00:35:45)
    • Lyle breaks down the guitar solo from "Hotel California" focusing on the right-hand technique.
    • Discusses the importance of the right hand in guitar playing, emphasizing rhythm, feel, and muting.
    • Covers the solo from "Mississippi Queen" by Mountain, highlighting the use of string bending.
  • Exploring String Bending in Different Songs (00:35:45 - 00:56:05)
    • Lyle applies string bending techniques to songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Steely Dan.
    • Provides detailed explanations of how to achieve specific sounds through bending and muting.
    • Encourages viewers to experiment with bending techniques in various musical contexts.
  • Concluding Remarks and Future Plans (00:56:05 - 01:00:11)
    • Lyle summarizes the key points covered in the stream.
    • He announces the topic for the next stream: breaking down "Sultans of Swing".
    • Thanks viewers for their participation and wishes them a happy Valentine's Day.

Lyle has been one of my very favorite guitarists for the past few years, and I’m THRILLED to announce that he’s agreed to join the Guitargate teaching roster!

Lyle - if you didn’t know - is a big deal. He is a wildly respected member of the guitar community and is a monster player in what seems to be every genre. He is the lead guitarist of the band Neighbor, and also teaches at Berklee in Boston (so bring him the hard questions).

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