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Country String Bend Applications


In this masterclass, Lyle Brewer dives into the nuanced world of string bending techniques and their application across various musical genres, debunking the common misconception that country-style bends are exclusively for honky-tonk music. He emphasizes the versatility of these techniques, illustrating how they can be creatively adapted into other styles to bring a unique flavor to guitar playing. Throughout the session, Lyle's enthusiasm for exploring the boundaries of guitar music shines through, offering a fresh perspective on traditional techniques.

Lyle provides a detailed analysis of several songs that incorporate country string bending in unexpected ways, demonstrating the technique's broad applicability. He meticulously breaks down each example, showing how the bends contribute to the overall sound and feel of the music. The masterclass covers classics like "Hotel California" by the Eagles and "Melissa" by The Allman Brothers, among others. Through these examples, Lyle not only showcases his deep understanding of guitar playing but also inspires viewers to experiment with integrating these bending techniques into their own playing.

The session is interactive, with Lyle responding to questions and comments from the audience, adding a personal touch to the learning experience. He encourages guitarists to think outside the box and use string bending as a tool for musical expression, regardless of genre. By the end of the masterclass, viewers are left with a comprehensive understanding of how country string bends can be applied in various musical contexts, expanding their creative possibilities on the guitar. Lyle's passion for teaching and his innovative approach to guitar playing make this masterclass a valuable resource for guitarists looking to elevate their skills and explore new sonic territories.

Transcript Summary


  • Introduction and Overview (00:02:945 - 00:54:345)
    • Lyle expresses gratitude towards the Guitar Gate community
    • He mentions the joy of discussing guitar techniques, music theory, and gear
    • The topic of string bending and its versatility across music genres is introduced
  • String Bending Techniques (00:54:345 - 01:00:265)
    • Lyle discusses the application of country string bending in other styles
    • He explains how traditional country licks can be adapted to fit various chord progressions
    • Examples include bending techniques over major, minor, and pentatonic scales
  • Music Theory and Application (01:00:265 - 01:38:735)
    • The relationship between major and minor pentatonic scales is explored
    • Lyle demonstrates how to utilize these scales over different chords
    • He uses a looper pedal to provide musical examples of his concepts
  • Exploring Musical Examples (01:38:735 - 02:44:575)
    • Lyle dives into specific songs that employ string bending effectively
    • He mentions "Hotel California" by The Eagles as a prime example
    • The discussion includes how string bending contributes to the song's solo sections
  • Advanced Bending Techniques and Exercises (02:44:575 - 03:43:175)
    • Further bending exercises are demonstrated, emphasizing the musicality behind each technique
    • Lyle provides tips on achieving more expressive bends
    • He encourages experimenting with bends to discover unique sounds
  • Q&A Session and Additional Tips (03:43:175 - 04:00:615)
    • Lyle answers questions from the audience, offering personalized advice
    • He shares insights on practicing string bending to improve overall guitar playing
    • The importance of listening to a wide range of music for inspiration is emphasized
  • Conclusion and Future Lessons (04:00:615 - 04:02:085)
    • Lyle wraps up the session by summarizing key points
    • He teases future lessons on advanced guitar techniques
    • Parting words of encouragement and gratitude are expressed to the viewers

Lyle has been one of my very favorite guitarists for the past few years, and I’m THRILLED to announce that he’s agreed to join the Guitargate teaching roster!

Lyle - if you didn’t know - is a big deal. He is a wildly respected member of the guitar community and is a monster player in what seems to be every genre. He is the lead guitarist of the band Neighbor, and also teaches at Berklee in Boston (so bring him the hard questions).

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