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Right Hand Rhythm

In this masterclass, Jamie McLean dives deep into the nuances of rhythm guitar playing, with a focus on New Orleans rhythms and the backbeat. He starts by sharing his recent experiences in the recording studio, which set the stage for a lesson filled with personal insights and professional tips. Jamie emphasizes the importance of the right-hand technique in creating solid rhythms, using alternate picking and accentuation to drive the groove. He introduces basic concepts using a Taylor 810 acoustic guitar, explaining how the instrument's full-bodied sound and ease of play have made it his go-to for writing original songs for the Jamie McLean Band.

Throughout the masterclass, Jamie methodically breaks down the components of rhythm guitar playing, from single-note exercises to complex chordal rhythms. He showcases how to incorporate the backbeat into various styles of music, demonstrating with examples from blues to New Orleans funk. The use of alternate strumming and the significance of maintaining a consistent strumming pattern to anchor the rhythm section are highlighted. Jamie also touches on the creative possibilities that emerge when mixing strumming with fingerstyle techniques, suggesting this blend can add depth and texture to guitar playing.

Despite technical difficulties with the video feed, Jamie's instruction remains clear and engaging. He encourages interaction from the viewers, answering questions, and responding to comments in real-time. The masterclass not only offers a deep dive into rhythm guitar techniques but also reflects Jamie's passion for music and teaching. By the end of the session, viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance their rhythm playing, inspired by Jamie's experiences and his approach to guitar instruction.

Transcript Summary

  • Introduction and Updates (00:03:46 - 00:52:46)
    • Jamie greets viewers and mentions his recent studio work.
    • He shares updates about his band and recording sessions.
    • Announces the focus on rhythm guitar based on viewer requests.
  • Exploring Rhythm Techniques (00:52:47 - 01:32:35)
    • Demonstrates right-hand rhythm techniques using a Taylor 810 guitar.
    • Discusses the importance of alternate picking and maintaining a steady rhythm.
    • Introduces concepts of backbeat and accenting in rhythm playing.
  • Technical Difficulties (01:32:36 - 02:27:21)
    • Jamie encounters video streaming issues but decides to continue teaching.
    • Attempts to troubleshoot and consider restarting the stream.
    • Engages with viewers about their musical interests during the interruption.
  • Deep Dive into New Orleans Rhythms (02:27:22 - 03:57:19)
    • Explores the New Orleans rhythm style and its application on guitar.
    • Shares anecdotes from his experiences with Jamie McLean Band and other artists.
    • Emphasizes the significance of the right hand acting like a metronome.
  • Practical Application and Song Examples (03:57:20 - 04:52:44)
    • Applies rhythm techniques to songs like "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan.
    • Demonstrates how to incorporate backbeat and ghost notes into playing.
    • Introduces an original song "Virginia" as an example of rhythm application.
  • Viewer Interaction and Q&A (04:52:45 - 05:57:19)
    • Responds to viewer comments and questions about the rhythm techniques.
    • Discusses potential future lessons, including a Stacks class.
    • Invites viewers to post videos and comments on their progress and interests.
  • Closing Remarks (05:57:20 - 05:57:19)
    • Jamie apologizes for the video issues and encourages viewers to practice the techniques discussed.
    • Expresses interest in doing a part two of the lesson to cover missed content.
    • Thanks viewers for their participation and looks forward to the next session.

As the Axe man for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band for years, and working with all the heavy hitters including Aaron Neville, Dr. John, Taj Mahal, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Trombone Shorty, Los Lobos, Blues Traveler, Marc Broussard, and so many more… Jamie is the PERFECT window into what it takes to thrive with the very, very best.

(IMHO, The level of musicianship in NOLA is probably the best in the country - if not the whole world.  THE RHYTHM. THE SWAGGER. THE VIBE!!)

Jamie is a spectacularly tasteful guitarist - but that’s not the whole story:  He’s an equally Incredible singer and songwriter.  As you know, I’m obsessed with understanding WHY things get stuck in your head, WHY hits are hits, and HOW rhythm, harmony, and wait for it - MELODY - work together to craft something moving and unforgettable.  Jamie is uniquely able to take us on a journey beyond the fretboard, and go deep into the craft of making great music & being an even better storyteller.

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