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Harmony Basics & Melodic Soloing Pt. 2

This masterclass covers harmony basics and melodic soloing part 2. Jack Ruch discusses chord progressions that borrow chords from the parallel minor key, using the example of C major and C minor. He writes out the diatonic chords for both keys and demonstrates how to swap chords between the two families. Jack takes questions from viewers like Rob and Darren, explaining how to know when to substitute minor chords and what scales work over progressions that modulate between major and minor.

He plays several chord progressions as examples, looping sections for soloing demonstrations. The masterclass focuses on understanding chord functions and relationships to inform soloing choices rather than targeting individual chords.

Transcript Summary

Introduction [0:00-5:00]

  • Jack introduces the topic of borrowing chords from the parallel minor key
  • He explains the relationship between relative major and minor keys
  • Jack writes out the diatonic chords for C major and C minor on a sheet
  • This provides a complete picture of chord options for composition
  • Understanding chord relationships helps make sense of progressions
  • The scales are the same starting on different notes for relative keys
  • This connects the chord families and allows chord swapping

Chord Progression Examples [10:00-end]

  • Jack plays a progression using C major, G minor, B flat major, F major
  • He demonstrates looping sections and soloing over them
  • Questions cover when to substitute minor chords and appropriate scales
  • Pivot chords and secondary dominance are discussed
  • More progressions incorporate major and minor scales in soloing
  • Jack signs off and invites viewers to write their own progressions
  • He offers to comment on examples posted online

Perhaps you remember seeing the video above titled “THIS MAN is my favorite guitar player in the world right now.”

Well nothing has changed. Jack Ruch is quite simply THE player I’m aspiring to become, and he embodies EVERYTHING that I try and teach on Guitargate.

From his buttery lines and perfect voice leading - to his beyond tasteful chord tone soloing - Jack is quite simply astounding.  And he absolutely KILLS live. A total professional & Nashville staple, Jack will be teaching you all of the things that he uses in real life, each and every night. You know: TRIADS, CHORD TONES, & MELODIES!

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