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Connecting Arpeggios

In this masterclass led by Jack Ruch, viewers are taken on a deep dive into the world of guitar arpeggios, specifically focusing on their application over seventh chords. Jack begins by establishing the importance of understanding arpeggios separately from scales and triads, emphasizing their role in creating rich, melodious lines that accurately outline chord progressions. He introduces the three primary types of seventh chords—major seven, minor seven, and dominant seven—explaining their structures and how they differ from one another in terms of their thirds and sevenths.

Jack proceeds to demonstrate how to identify and play these arpeggios in various positions on the guitar neck, using the "CAGED" system as a reference point. He offers practical exercises to help viewers internalize the shapes and sounds of these arpeggios, suggesting ways to practice them across all six strings in different positions. Jack emphasizes the importance of learning these arpeggios thoroughly in one position before moving on to the next, ensuring a solid foundation is built for improvisation and melody construction.

Throughout the masterclass, Jack shares his insights on applying these arpeggios musically, encouraging viewers to integrate them into their playing deliberately and with intention. He highlights the versatility of arpeggios in navigating chord changes seamlessly, regardless of the musical genre. By the end of the session, viewers are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of seventh chord arpeggios, ready to explore their creative potential on the guitar. Jack concludes by promising to make a backing track available for practice, further aiding the viewers in their journey to master the art of arpeggio-based improvisation.

Transcript Summary

  • Introduction and Overview (00:00:01 - 00:01:03)
    • Greeting and technology check.
    • Introduction to the day's topic: Connecting arpeggios over seventh chords.
    • Explanation of the context and importance of the lesson.
  • Understanding Seventh Chords (00:01:03 - 00:02:03)
    • Differentiation between major, minor, and dominant seventh chords.
    • Explanation of the notes constituting G major seven, G minor seven, and dominant seven chords.
    • Emphasis on the significance of thirds and sevenths in determining chord quality.
  • Arpeggio Shapes and Exercises (00:03:05 - 00:04:02)
    • Introduction to arpeggio shapes over the CAGED system.
    • Guidance on practicing arpeggios in different positions.
    • Examples of exercises to quiz oneself on arpeggio positions.
  • Applying Arpeggios to a Chord Progression (00:05:01 - 00:06:01)
    • Explanation of a minor blues chord progression in G minor.
    • Application of major seven, minor seven, and dominant seven arpeggios over the progression.
    • Demonstration of playing over the chord progression with arpeggios.
  • Connecting Arpeggios Musically (00:08:25 - 00:09:01)
    • Techniques for connecting arpeggios over changing chords.
    • Importance of targeting chord tones to outline chord changes.
    • Examples of simple licks incorporating arpeggios to create melodic solos.
  • Advanced Practice Techniques (00:10:00 - 00:11:00)
    • Introduction to voice leading exercises with arpeggios.
    • Demonstration of practicing through chord changes with continuous arpeggio shapes.
    • Guidance on internalizing arpeggios to facilitate improvised playing over complex progressions.
  • Conclusion and Q&A (00:11:00 - 00:15:00)
    • Summary of the importance of learning arpeggios for improvisation.
    • Answers to viewer questions about applying scales and arpeggios.
    • Encouragement to practice deliberately and with intention over chord progressions.

Perhaps you remember seeing the video above titled “THIS MAN is my favorite guitar player in the world right now.”

Well nothing has changed. Jack Ruch is quite simply THE player I’m aspiring to become, and he embodies EVERYTHING that I try and teach on Guitargate.

From his buttery lines and perfect voice leading - to his beyond tasteful chord tone soloing - Jack is quite simply astounding.  And he absolutely KILLS live. A total professional & Nashville staple, Jack will be teaching you all of the things that he uses in real life, each and every night. You know: TRIADS, CHORD TONES, & MELODIES!

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