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Reoccuring Chord Relationships Pt. 2

In this masterclass led by Guthrie Trapp, viewers are treated to an in-depth exploration of guitar techniques, focusing on chord inversions, scale relationships, and how to play over chord changes in a blues context. Guthrie stresses the importance of understanding the connection between chord shapes and scales, emphasizing how this knowledge can significantly enhance one's ability to improvise and play more musically. He demonstrates various exercises and licks that outline chord changes, showing how minor adjustments in hand positioning can lead to significant improvements in playing efficiency and musicality.

Guthrie delves into specific examples, using the A7 to D7 chord progression to illustrate his points. He shares practical tips on transitioning between these chords, using diminished runs, and incorporating the dominant 7th chord to create tension and resolution. Guthrie's approach is hands-on, encouraging viewers to make mistakes and learn from them to improve their playing. He also touches on the importance of practicing chord inversions up the neck and getting comfortable with different hand positions to unlock the fretboard's potential.

Throughout the masterclass, Guthrie highlights the importance of the foundational aspects of guitar playing, such as understanding the relationship between chords and scales and how they apply to playing over changes. He aims to demystify these concepts, making them accessible to guitarists of all levels. By the end of the session, viewers should have a clearer understanding of how to approach playing over blues progressions and beyond, armed with new exercises and ideas to explore in their practice routines.

Transcript Summary


  • Introduction and Setup (00:12 - 02:05)
    • Guthrie introduces the session and mentions using a different amp and guitar.
    • He checks for sound quality with the audience and discusses his new webcam for improved stream consistency.
    • Expresses appreciation for the audience's presence in the early, not-yet-public phase of streaming.
  • Upcoming Projects and Merchandise (02:05 - 02:07)
    • Guthrie briefly mentions his collaboration on a course with Brett Papa and playing a sold-out show.
    • Shares excitement about new merchandise and working with a graphic design artist.
  • Guitar Lesson Focus (02:07 - 05:53)
    • Guthrie shifts focus to teaching guitar, emphasizing the importance of fundamentals.
    • He breaks down a bar chord into its triad components and explains finding notes within the chord.
    • Discusses chord inversions, hand positioning, and the relationship between chords, arpeggios, and scales.
  • Advanced Concepts and Examples (05:53 - 10:07)
    • Deep dive into chord changes, particularly moving from A to D, and integrating the dominant 7th.
    • Illustrates how to maneuver through chord shapes and scales to enhance soloing techniques.
    • Highlights the interconnectedness of rhythm and lead playing through breaking down chords.
  • Practical Play-Along and Technique Sharpening (10:07 - 24:02)
    • Guthrie provides a play-along example, stressing the importance of landing ideas within song timing.
    • Discusses the significance of hand positioning for efficient playing across chord shapes.
    • Encourages experimentation and making mistakes as part of the learning process.
  • Concluding Thoughts and Encouragement (24:02 - 24:46)
    • Summarizes key points on learning guitar, focusing on inversions, hand positioning, and practical application.
    • Motivates viewers to dive deep, make mistakes, and learn from them.
    • Closes with a reminder about new merchandise and looks forward to the next session.

These are the people out there doing it each and every night, at the very highest level.  To say Guthrie Trapp is one of the best guitarists alive doesn’t even begin to set the stage.  A true, old school, take it or leave it head cutter, Guthrie is no BS.

Guthrie is going to cut through all the fluff and show you the stuff that really works in the music world - the stuff that he uses day in and day out on the heaviest gigs - with the heaviest players - in the world.

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