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My Essential Gear

In this masterclass, Guthrie Trapp delves into the intricacies of guitar gear, tone, and the relationship between them. Guthrie starts by discussing the significance of gear in achieving desired tones but emphasizes that the true essence of tone comes from the player's hands and ears. He shares personal anecdotes, such as visiting Dan Strain and discussing guitar preferences, to illustrate the personal nature of tone and gear selection. Throughout, Guthrie encourages players to focus on the feel and sound of the instrument rather than getting bogged down in technical specifications.

Guthrie offers practical advice on guitar setup, string tension, action, and the importance of a comfortable playing experience. He warns against the allure of excessive technical modifications, arguing that they can distract from the fundamental goal of playing and enjoying the guitar. Guthrie advises players to seek guitars that naturally resonate with them and to prioritize setup and maintenance for the best playing experience. He also demystifies some common gear myths, advocating for simplicity and functionality in gear choices.

The masterclass also covers Guthrie's approach to pedalboards, emphasizing the importance of a clean signal path and reliable power supply. He showcases his own pedalboard setup, explaining the purpose and placement of each pedal. Guthrie stresses the importance of using gear to enhance one's natural playing style rather than relying on it to define their sound. Throughout the video, Guthrie's philosophy on gear and tone is clear: focus on the essentials, trust your ears, and let your hands do the talking.

These are the people out there doing it each and every night, at the very highest level.  To say Guthrie Trapp is one of the best guitarists alive doesn’t even begin to set the stage.  A true, old school, take it or leave it head cutter, Guthrie is no BS.

Guthrie is going to cut through all the fluff and show you the stuff that really works in the music world - the stuff that he uses day in and day out on the heaviest gigs - with the heaviest players - in the world.

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