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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How can I contact Michael?

A: Support@guitargate.com


Q:  What do I do if I'm having technical issues?

A:  Contact Support@guitargate.com


Q:  What is GuitarGate?

A:  Our aim is to re-create the experience of attending a world class guitar school, but online, on any device, 24/7/365. Basically, we were frustrated at the lack of quality guitar education online, especially the free resources, and took it upon ourselves to fix it!


Q:  Who is the instructor?

A:  Michael Palmisano is an award winning graduate of The Guitar Institute Of Technology (GIT) at the world famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. He has been teaching and playing professionally in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland for over 20 years. He and his wife Annie have 4 boys and spend almost all of their time driving them to sports games. 


Q:  What is the Guitargate curriculum?  What will I learn?

A:  The Guitargate curriculum covers lessons on getting started playing guitar, chords, scales, arpeggios, music theory, improvisation, tone, and technique.  Guitargate encourages you to find your own voice, therefore, lessons are conceptual and meant to provide members with a comprehensive, working knowledge of the guitar,.


Q:  Does the Guitargate curriculum change?

A:  Guitargate is a true community and we have a commitment to growth.  At the bottom of each lesson there is a discussion forum.  If we notice a common thread in these forums that needs to be addressed in the lesson itself, we immediately make the permanent change to the curricculum.  If we feel an entire new lesson needs to be created, we create it.  This means that each of you plays an integral part in the learning process.  Make no mistake, Guitargate is not a book on a shelf, it is alive!


Q:  Do I have to post a video to complete a lesson?

A:  No you don't.  Posting videos is entirely optional, but encouraged!  We're all here to help and this is a positive environment. Negativity is not tolerated. 


Q:  How come I can't see the videos I posted?

A:  Make sure your video settings on youtube are not set to private.  If they are, the videos will not be displayed. Please choose either public or unlisted.


Q:  Why are the videos clipping and lagging?

A:  It is probably because of a slow internet connection.  HD videos require a high speed connection, so if you don't have on, click the "HD" button in the video screen and it will turn HD off.  This will reduce the video quality, but it will increase playback speed for slower internet connections.


Q:  What will I have access to as a subscriber?

A:  Everything!  All courses, live lessons, everything!


Q:  What will my credit card statement read?

A:  "Stripe" - Stripe does all of the payment processing. They are the leader in online payments and are 100% secure. 


Q:  How do I cancel my subscription?

A:  Click on "my account" and then "edit profile."  In the edit profile section there is a tab at the top labeled "subscriptions."  You can cancel your subscription at any time - but know that you will lose your course progress and all video submissions, etc. If you do wish to cancel, please take a minute and shoot us an email at support@guitargate.com and tell us how we can do a better job.


Q:  How do contact GuitarGate for business inquiries?

A:  Just contact support@guitargate.com and we will be in touch.


Q:  What is your privacy policy?

A:  Click here to read our privacy policy 


Q: What are your terms of service?

A: Click here to read our terms of service