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Welcome & Introduction Session

Welcome to the first Guitargate Semester! This is your introduction to the program and will outline everything you need to know. At the end I'll open it up to questions. Please watch first!

In this introductory masterclass, Michael welcomes the students to his new guitar semester program. He gives an overview of what they can expect throughout the course of the semester. Key details that are discussed include the weekly live masterclasses with different instructor guests, such as Jamie and Jack who will be teaching the first two lessons. Michael explains that the masterclasses will follow a lesson and Q&A format. In addition, there will be weekly custom lesson challenges for students to complete. As part of the program, semester students will receive priority support from Michael and the instructors when submitting questions or videos. The goal of the interactive program is to provide an immersive learning experience. Michael plans to start small and evaluate how the initial run goes before expanding the class size further.

Transcript Summary

Introduction & Welcome [0:00:06]

  • Michael welcomed everyone and explained the goal is to provide an opportunity for questions and an overview of the program
  • There will be live masterclasses with different instructors each week on specific topics
  • Instructors will be "the real deal" and teach things students will actually use
  • Students can ask questions in the chat or join on screen during the classes

Masterclass Format [0:09:19]

  • Classes will be about an hour long with 30-40 minutes of a lesson and 20-30 of Q&A
  • Lessons will build on each other with a theme for each instructor
  • Content will be geared toward intermediate players but accessible to all levels

Weekly Lessons [0:18:47]

  • In addition to masterclasses, there will be weekly custom lesson challenges
  • Lessons will include a rhythmic, harmonic and melodic component to build skills
  • Students can record themselves completing the lessons to share and get feedback

Student Engagement & Support [0:31:09]

  • Students have access to all courses and lessons on the site permanently
  • Michael and instructors will prioritize responding to semester students first
  • A Discord channel will be set up for the student community

Michael is the one who runs this whole thing! 

Premium Members get access to Michael's and all our pro ZOOM Lessons.