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Song Breakdown: Sultan's of Swing

In this masterclass, Lyle Brewer delves into the intricacies of playing guitar with a focus on the nuances and techniques that define the unique sound of Mark Knopfler, specifically through the song "Sultans of Swing." Lyle begins by sharing personal anecdotes about his late-night gigging and parenting, setting a relaxed and candid tone for the session. He expresses his enthusiasm for the masterclass series and gratitude towards the community for their participation and suggestions, highlighting the interactive and engaging nature of these streams.

Lyle meticulously breaks down the song's chord progressions, emphasizing the importance of harmonic knowledge and its application in creating musical styles. He discusses Mark Knopfler's use of country string bends, pentatonic scales, and chord inversions, illustrating how these elements contribute to the song's groundbreaking sound. Lyle's detailed analysis sheds light on the song's structure, including the A section's chord progression and the significance of omitting certain notes for a crisper sound. He demonstrates various techniques, such as hybrid picking and the strategic use of ghost notes, to replicate Knopfler's distinctive playing style.

Throughout the masterclass, Lyle offers insights into the physical aspects of guitar playing, such as string muting and the impact of playing dynamics on sound crispness. He stresses the importance of nuance in guitar playing, citing examples from other legendary guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billy Gibbons to illustrate different approaches to achieving a powerful sound. Lyle's approachable teaching style, combined with his deep understanding of guitar mechanics and musical expression, makes this masterclass a valuable resource for guitarists looking to enhance their technical skills and musicality.

Transcript Summary

  • Introduction and Personal Anecdotes (00:04:835 - 00:49:865)
    • Lyle introduces himself and mentions his huge iced coffee due to a late gig and parenting duties.
    • He expresses gratitude to Guitar Gate for hosting him and mentions enjoying the streams.
    • There's a brief interaction with a viewer named Josh, followed by acknowledgment of support from viewers.
  • Overview of "Sultans of Swing" (00:49:865 - 01:02:335)
    • Lyle shares his love for "Sultans of Swing" and its significance in music.
    • He discusses Mark Knopfler's use of techniques like country string bends, pentatonic scales, and harmony.
    • The importance of the song for guitar players and its groundbreaking nature are highlighted.
  • Chord Progressions and Techniques (01:02:335 - 01:57:135)
    • The chord progression of "Sultans of Swing" is detailed, focusing on the A section.
    • Lyle explains Knopfler's technique of omitting the A string in chords for a unique sound.
    • Discussion on the importance of what is not played and Knopfler's distinctive fingerpicking technique.
  • Hybrid Picking and Guitar Setup (01:57:135 - 02:39:045)
    • Hybrid picking technique is explained, along with personal preferences for playing certain strings.
    • Lyle shares anecdotes about learning and developing guitar techniques over time.
    • A brief discussion on the significance of guitar setup and string choices for sound quality.
  • Harmony and Melodic Lines (02:39:045 - 03:41:645)
    • Exploration of harmonic minor scale and its role in "Sultans of Swing."
    • Insight into how Knopfler uses triads and chord tones to create melodic lines within the song.
    • Lyle demonstrates specific lines and phrases from the song, focusing on their harmonic content.
  • Articulation and Dynamics (03:41:645 - 04:50:255)
    • The importance of articulation in Knopfler's playing and how it contributes to the song's character.
    • Discussion on the dynamics of playing with fingers vs. pick, emphasizing the control over sound.
    • Lyle offers tips on achieving crisp chord sounds and the significance of playing dynamics.
  • Conclusion and Encouragement (04:50:255 - 05:13:525)
    • Final thoughts on the masterclass and encouragement for viewers to practice.
    • Lyle stresses the importance of enjoying music and the guitar journey.
    • Announcement of a follow-up session for the next week.

Lyle has been one of my very favorite guitarists for the past few years, and I’m THRILLED to announce that he’s agreed to join the Guitargate teaching roster!

Lyle - if you didn’t know - is a big deal. He is a wildly respected member of the guitar community and is a monster player in what seems to be every genre. He is the lead guitarist of the band Neighbor, and also teaches at Berklee in Boston (so bring him the hard questions).

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