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Live lessons each weekday with some of the world's very best players. Recorded and transcribed. 

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In this masterclass led by Guthrie Trapp, viewers are treated to an in-depth exploration of guitar techniques, focusing on chord changes, arpeggios, and the interconnectedness of musical elements on the guitar. Guthrie begins by discussing the importance of understanding the relationship between chords, scales, and arpeggios, emphasizing how these components work together to create a cohesive musical language. He illustrates this by playing various chord shapes and demonstrating how to navigate through them to create seamless transitions and improvisations.

Throughout the masterclass, Guthrie shares personal anecdotes and insights into his musical journey, including stories about his guitars and experiences in the music industry. Despite encountering technical difficulties with the video stream, he remains focused on delivering valuable lessons, showing various playing techniques, and explaining the theory behind them. Guthrie's approachable teaching style allows him to cover complex concepts in a manner that is accessible to guitarists of all levels, from beginners to advanced players.

Guthrie also delves into the importance of phrasing, timing, and the emotional expression of playing the guitar. He discusses how to use the guitar to tell a story, comparing musical expression to language and emphasizing the importance of conveying emotions and narratives through playing. By the end of the masterclass, viewers gain a deeper understanding of guitar playing as a form of communication, the significance of practicing with purpose, and the endless possibilities for creativity on the instrument. Despite the challenges presented by the technical issues, Guthrie's passion for teaching and his dedication to sharing his knowledge shine through, making this masterclass a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their guitar playing and musical expression.

Transcript Summary

  • Introduction and Technical Troubles (00:00:04 - 00:02:28)
    • Guthrie starts the stream, checks if everything is working properly.
    • Discusses a minor issue with wifi signal strength.
    • Mentions a visit to two local coffee shops and an observation about eco-friendliness.
  • Guitar Lesson Begins (00:06:01 - 00:12:28)
    • Shifts focus to a G major chord, describing its clean and unclean variations.
    • Explains the concept of a "bluegrass chord" and its simplicity.
    • Talks about hand positions when transitioning from open chords to barre chords.
  • Chord Inversions and Scales (00:12:28 - 00:22:08)
    • Demonstrates how to switch hand positions for playing different chords and scales.
    • Emphasizes the importance of understanding chord inversions for guitar improvisation.
    • Introduces concepts of pentatonic and major scales within chord shapes.
  • Connecting Chords and Scales (00:22:08 - 00:31:55)
    • Explains how chords give the foundation to create musical conversations.
    • Stresses the importance of intent and purpose in music.
    • Discusses the necessity of expanding musical vocabulary beyond classic rock.
  • Practical Application and Phrasing (00:31:55 - 00:42:16)
    • Illustrates how to connect different chord shapes across the fretboard.
    • Describes the process of creating music through storytelling with the guitar.
    • Highlights the role of phrasing, rhythm, and timing in guitar playing.
  • Conclusion and Technical Difficulties (00:42:16 - 00:57:59)
    • Guthrie wraps up the lesson, apologizing for ongoing technical issues.
    • Expresses gratitude to viewers and hints at future lessons.
    • Makes light of the situation by joking about the cryptic title for the next session.

These are the people out there doing it each and every night, at the very highest level.  To say Guthrie Trapp is one of the best guitarists alive doesn’t even begin to set the stage.  A true, old school, take it or leave it head cutter, Guthrie is no BS.

Guthrie is going to cut through all the fluff and show you the stuff that really works in the music world - the stuff that he uses day in and day out on the heaviest gigs - with the heaviest players - in the world.

Subscribers get access to Guthrie's and all our pro masterclasses.